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NewUserNamesAreHard: I almost bought a sports car today... and I'm 97% certain I wouldn't have regretted it tomorrow. But I'm only 60% certain I wouldn't regret it a month from now when I would have had to make the first payment. Aug 7, 2017 5:59:35 GMT
kkrazy256: With the amount of money I currently have, I wouldn't even be able to consider it, much less regret anything. Sports cars ARE hard to resist ahaha. What type were you looking at? Aug 7, 2017 20:52:09 GMT
NewUserNamesAreHard: I was looking at the Nissan 370Z. It's a lot of engine for the price tag, but I was supposed to be looking at a Honda Civic. Aug 8, 2017 1:33:59 GMT
kkrazy256: Very nice and also double the price loll Aug 8, 2017 13:20:37 GMT
Kiril: when you planned to enter a comp but ended up sleeping for three days straight Aug 11, 2017 21:50:09 GMT
NewUserNamesAreHard: Somehow both seem like they would have been good uses of your time. Aug 12, 2017 4:12:55 GMT
Kiril: Nah, I only slept to avoid my parents. Coming to town is always a bad idea, so I stay holed up in my room so they won't yell at me for god knows what reasons. Half of that time, I'm so bored that I just fall asleep. It's a bummer. Aug 12, 2017 4:54:01 GMT
sgamer82: I'ts a long time coming, but I finally have a solid draft of chapter 3 for The Haunted House of Class 2-C ready to go. Sent it over for some beta reading to pick up any major pre-post issues Aug 12, 2017 16:53:15 GMT
Kiril: seemingly random question, but if kaito could choose any starter pokemon from any region (except for alola), which one would it be and why? I have a reason for this, I swear. Aug 12, 2017 20:21:24 GMT
Kiril: I was personally thinking Snivy, but I'm still juggling several ideas around. Aug 12, 2017 20:21:47 GMT
NewUserNamesAreHard: I don't know that much about Pokémon... but Fennekin. The mischievous fox spirit just feel right for Kaito. Plus he has a flare for the dramatic and that seems to mesh with fire time elements... And water Pokémon are out because of his fish phobia. Aug 12, 2017 21:13:43 GMT
Kiril: I mean, not all water-types are fish, but I get where you're coming from. I ended up going with Turtwig because of other things going on in the fic (and the fact that this particular game is hard with psychic types because a lot of reasons). Aug 12, 2017 21:16:16 GMT
Kiril: I'm running an IC Nuzlocke and the first Pokemon I caught was a Goldeen.....sorry Kaito, Nuzlocke rules says I can't re-encounter. :) Aug 12, 2017 21:17:34 GMT
NewUserNamesAreHard: *Evil giggles* You know, the first thing I thought of when I put Kaito and Pokemon together was Abra -> Kadabra -> Alakazam Its kind of a pity Abra wasn't an option. Aug 12, 2017 21:23:52 GMT
Kiril: From a gameplay view, Abra's actually a terrible starter, because the only move it knows by level 5 is Teleport, meaning you can't use it. At all. Kaito would be too frustrated with its uselessness to bother training it. Aug 12, 2017 21:27:54 GMT
NewUserNamesAreHard: See, its details like that I've forgotten since I played who knows how long ago. Aug 12, 2017 21:31:12 GMT
Kiril: [laughs] I mean, I've been playing both competitively and casually for four years now? I'm aiming to be a PokeTuber, so it doesn't really faze me if somebody doesn't know something. I just assume it's not common knowledge. Aug 12, 2017 21:36:57 GMT
sgamer82: I always had an OC Pokemon trainer in mind, Fuka, who adored cute pokemon but whose idea of cute involved fangs, scales, and/or the capacity to breathe fire. Her main pokemon was a Gyarados. Aug 13, 2017 0:35:47 GMT
Addy01: fenniken sounds like a good idea. or a froukie - a non-fish water type pokemon, and is a dark type - all those sneaking around as KID... Aug 17, 2017 5:48:45 GMT
Addy01: ...or would you count Pikachu as a starter? since technically there's Pokemon yellow Aug 17, 2017 5:50:48 GMT *